Runnin’ Wild: Songs & Scandals of the Roaring Twenties
April 27 & 30, May 7 & 14

Cover charge: $35-45

Cover Charge Additional $5 At Door

Food & Beverage Minimum: $25


Sun, April 27 9:30p Doors 8:45p Tickets
Wed, April 30 9:30p Doors 5:00p Tickets
Wed, May 7 9:30p Doors 8:45p Tickets
Wed, May 14 7:00p Doors 5:00p Tickets

*Tickets on the day of performance after 2:00pm are only available by calling 646.476.3551.
Award-winning entertainer Mark Nadler takes you on a tour of the sex, booze, drugs & even murder from the wildest decade of the 20th century. Says Clive Davis of The London Times, “The nearest most of us get to the music of the Roaring Twenties is a late-night rerun of Some Like It Hot or two tickets for Chicago. With Mark Nadler as your guide, you get an even richer sense of what it was like to live, or rather party, through the Jazz Age. By the time he has sung his last song & thundered through his final piano solo, you may want to text your local bootlegger & order a fresh supply of illicit gin.”