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What the fach?!?

Definition: Fach [fak] or [fax]: a method of classifying singers, primarily opera singers, according to the range, weight, and color of their voices.

What do opera singers REALLY sing in the shower? Find out at FACH’d UP! where City Opera stars sing role-reversing, gender-bending songs they would never otherwise perform in celebration of City Opera’s Pride Initiative.

Join us for this one night only event with your favorite singers including the stars of our upcoming production of Brokeback Mountain!


Michael Capasso
Glenn Seven Allen
Natalie Ballenger
Shannon Christmann
Kristee Haney
Rebecca Hargrove
David Kelleher-Flight
Curt Olds
Elise Quagliata
Andy Roninson
Sami Sallaway
Alexa Smith
Jessica Tyler Wright
Rachel Zatcoff 



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Past Performances

  • Thu, May 10 :9:30 pm
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